Majidah Tribal belly dance

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Whirling skirts, bright colours, ethnic jewellery, flying tassels, jingling coins: these are the first impressions of the tribal dance troupe Majidah, a group of dancers communicating and interacting through their dance.  The result is a powerful dance of great energy and vibrancy.


Majidah Tribal have been performing together since 2008, and have appeared at many local carnivals, fetes, fundraising events, private parties and belly dance haflas. Check out our events page to see where we will be next.


We all started our belly dance careers with classical Egyptian dance but fell in love with Tribal at first sight. It was a combination of the costumes, the music, the powerful movements and the togetherness that caught our hearts.


We now have lots of dancers in the troupe but  there is always room for more!  We come from all walks of life, united by our love of the dance.


Dancing is for everyone!



Beyond the dance

We love to dance but there is more to being part of Majidah than the dancing.


We have a whole social life which revolves around getting together for sewing sessions, searching charity shops and market stalls, going to see exciting bands that come to our area, holding and attending music and dance workshops, not to mention eating and drinking together!


Who knows what we will get up to next!


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